Course selection due tomorrow

The last lunch sessions are take place today, as the deadline for both online and printed sign off sheet are due tomorrow (Friday, February 23).

I’m aware that MyBlueprint has given errors for many people while trying to print. I am able to print sign off sheets from my account. If you’ve had trouble printing, students can see me during break or lunch to get sign off sheets printed.

Course selection: more helpful info

As we continue the course selection process, there are some reference documents from the TDSB that you might find helpful. Some of these were shared earlier with students during our MyBlueprint training sessions; others have just been made available.

  • SecondaryPlacemat_F – summary of key information for high school and course selection
  • Choices 2018-2019 insert – more detail about high school credits, post-secondary destinations, course types and pathways
  • Pathways Planning Guide – details about the course pathways for English, Math, Science, and English as a Second Language/English Language Learners (ESL/ELL)

Answers to frequent questions:

  • Students can take more than one Arts course in grade 9; York Mills CI is requiring students take at least one in order to fulfill the Arts requirement. BTT/TIJ (section D) are not mandatory.
  • If you are in grade 9 and have NOT taken an Arts course this year, you MUST take one during grade 10 (codes starting in “A”, e.g. Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, etc).
  • In order to add in Learning Strategies (GLS/GLE), you need to leave an elective space open, then hand-write the request for GLS/GLE on the sign-off sheet. There will be a letter sent home tomorrow for students who are suggested to take GLS/GLE.

A reminder that course selection is due by February 23, and requires the SIGNED PAPER COPY as well as online submission via the MyBlueprint website.


Secondary optional attendance forms due!

Optional attendance forms for York Mills CI are due to St. Andrew’s JHS tomorrow! Please hand them into the Guidance box in the main office.

Optional attendance forms for OTHER SCHOOLS should also be handed in tomorrow – this allows for time to process and sign forms, as well as giving families adequate time to deliver the forms to other schools. Remember that most staff (including Ms. Wong) will be out of the building on Thursday for our second Activity Day, so that’s one less day.

Forms are due to the desired school by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 2018.

Optional Attendance: info and timelines

Optional attendance forms for both elementary (applying for grades K-8) and secondary (applying for grades 9-12) programs are available in our office as well as attached to this message. Deadlines and processes are outlined below.

All forms need to first be completed by the family and then signed by the home or sending school. This is the current school if enrolled in the TDSB – OR – the TDSB home school by address if currently enrolled in a non-TDSB school. (Click here to check your home school.)

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to deliver the application to the desired school(s) by the deadlines posted below***. Please allow adequate time for the home/sending school to process and sign the form, and then return it to you.

*** York Mills CI is the one exception to this process; please see separate note below under Secondary Optional Attendance.

Elementary Optional Attendance

Form: 545A Elementary opt att 2017june (PDF)

  • February 16, 2018: Optional attendance forms due at elementary school
  • March 9, 2018: Deadline for parents/guardians to be informed of the status of the application request
  • March 23, 2018: Parents/guardians must inform the requested school of their acceptance of the offer
  • more info:

Secondary Optional Attendance

Form: 545B Secondary opt att 2017sep (PDF)

  • February 2, 2018: Optional attendance forms due at secondary school
    • For current SAJH students applying to York Mills CI: 
      • hand in optional attendance forms to ST. ANDREW’S JHS
      • Forms due by January 30, 2018
      • Ms. Wong will deliver forms to YMCI
  • February 16, 2018: Deadline for parents/guardians of students to be informed of the status of the application request
  • February 23, 2018: Course selection sheets due at elementary schools
  • March 2, 2018: Course selection sheets due at secondary schools
  • Secondary Schools Closed to Optional Attendance (PDF)
  • more info:

York Mills CI info night – today, 6pm

A quick reminder that the York Mills CI info night is taking place today at 6pm. This is for both the regular and French Immersion program, and is a great opportunity to see the school for yourself and learn more about their programs.

The full schedule of info nights can be found here.

I also post weekly reminders of secondary info nights via Remind – instructions to join are linked below:


After Grade 8 info slides – updated!

The slides for the After Grade 8 presentation can be found here – you can view them either as a PDF or as a Powerpoint show (includes a video link). All links to websites are live.

Choices for Nine PPT 2017-2018 final SAJH – PDF file (1.8MB)

Choices for Nine PPT 2017-2018 final SAJH – Powerpoint show (3.6MB)

Note that there was some additional information provided by the central Guidance office, which is included in this updated slide deck.

Reminder: MaCS info session for students, tomorrow at lunch!

Students in grade 8 or 9 who are interested in learning more about the MaCS (Math, Computers, Science) program at WL Mackenzie can attend a lunch & learn session tomorrow.

  • contact me (Ms. Wong) to sign up ( or via remind)
  • grade 8/9 students only (parents/guardians can attend Nov. 2nd MaCS info night)
  • students should bring lunch that day