Scorpion Sizzle – June 21


We hope you all enjoy this year’s version of Reflections! A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into putting these memories together! We hope you enjoy walking down memory lane with your child!

Spirit Day

Our final spirit day of the school year is coming up on Monday! It is Disney Day! Dress up in anything Disney, or colourful or dress up as your favourite character!

Final Assembly

We will have one final assembly on June 25th at the end of the day to celebrate Grade 7 Honour Roll as well as Grade 6 & 7 Scorpion Awards. Following the assembly, report cards will be sent home with students.


Yearbooks are in and will be distributed to all students on Friday. Students will only receive them, however, if they have returned all of their text books and library books. If the items are lost, you will hear from us (if you haven’t already) about cost of replacement.

Thanks everyone! It is an amazing keepsake! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Scorpion Sizzle – June 14, 2019


Our Grade 8 students had their Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony and Celebration this past Wednesday! What an amazing night. The students were beaming with pride all evening, as were their families and teachers.

We are so thankful for our Grade 8 students, and of course their incredible teachers who all came together to hold this amazing event. Thank you to the families who joined us in celebrating these fantastic students and a special thank you to the organizing team, lead by parents – Amanda and Marni, who really made the night extra special.

Memories for life!


Yearbooks are being printed as we type this! Yearbooks will be handed out to each student before the end of the school year. We cannot wait to see them!

Recognition Assembly 

We will be having one more recognition assembly the last week of school! We look forward to recognizing all the amazing groups, teams and clubs that have happened over the year!   So much to celebrate!

Dates on the Horizon

Report Cards are sent home – June 26th

Last Day of School for students – June 27th

PA Day – No School for students – June 28th

Scorpion Sizzle – June 7, 2019

What a Great Week!

This was a busy week full of excitement! We raised our Pride Flag in honour of Pride month and celebrated inclusivity and diversity. We also had 3 spirit days which were very popular! We had crazy hat day, beach day and of course Raptors/ Day!! Let’s go Raptors!!!

We also hosted a number of feeder school students this week to offer them a tour and give them information to get excited about – as they start here in September!

We now have our Grade 8 Graduation on the horizon and we cannot wait to celebrate these amazing students on Wednesday!

Dates on the Horizon

Grade 8 Graduation – June 12, 2019 (evening) – students to arrive for 5pm

Report Cards are sent home – June 26th

Last Day of School for students – June 27th

PA Day – No School for students – June 28th

Scorpion Sizzle – May 30, 2019

Music Night

What a night! We are forever blown away by the amazing talent of our St. Andrew’s musicians. We are so thankful for the parent support and of course for our incredible teachers!

Scorpions we are so proud of your dedication, determination and drive! Thank you for bringing music into our lives!

SAMS’ Parent Council

As our final Parent Council meeting comes to a close, we want to take this time to thank our amazing parents, the incredible executive and of course our phenomenal leads, Denise & Amanda! We are so thankful for the dedication and heart that this fantastic group of parents have put into our school. From pizza lunches, to bake sales…to HUGE tech purchases for our students at the school – THANK YOU!


EQAO has been completed! We are so proud of our Grade 6 students for pushing through and finishing their assessment. We have a few more students to complete any missing sections on Monday and then it is fully complete! Thank you to all of the parents for ensuring that your child was here and on time!

GO RAPTORS!!! We hope to hear the Raptors cheers from across the city on Sunday night!

Dates on the Horizon

 Gifted Orientation #2 – June 3rd, 5pm

Crazy Hat Day – June 4th

PA Day – No school for students – June 7th

Grade 8 Graduation – June 12, 2019 (evening) – students to arrive for 5pm

Report Cards are sent home – June 26th

Last Day of School for students – June 27th

PA Day – No School for students – June 28th

Today at St. Andrew’s Middle School

Dear Parents/Guardians,

At approximately 11:15am, the staff smelled an odour at our school and we had staff and students promptly exit the building.  Toronto Fire Services and Enbridge were called and arrived on the scene.

We remained outside until insert 12:45pm, at which time we were advised by the Fire Department that students and staff could return to the school. We will now continue with our academic school day.

Our cafeteria staff stayed on site, for an extra 50 minutes to allow students to purchase meals, after we were given the all clear to come back into the building.

As you know, the safety of our students is a top priority at our school and we followed appropriate TDSB policies to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. We practice various drills and procedures hoping never to have to use them, but always prepared to do so if necessary.

The response and cooperation from our students and teachers was exceptional and we want to commend them for their efforts. Staff calmly lead students out of the school in an orderly way and ensured that everyone was accounted for.

We also want to thank Toronto Fire for their actions and the TDSB’s staff for their role.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 416-395-3090.



Jessica Feldberg      Ryan Heritage

Principal                   Vice Principal