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The Parent Council and School Staff love connecting with the St. Andrews JHS community. Our goal is to provide useful school news and updates, as well as to encourage parent feedback and civil discussion. As the Moderator of this forum, I’ve received some questions about how I moderate comments so here are some broad guidelines: We certainly greatly value tolerance and free expression; however, we also require civility. Comments will be posted when they contribute to the discussion by adding

  • information
  • opinions
  • ideas

They must not violate the common rules of netiquette. Those that do will be deleted. Comments are subject to deletion if they meet the following definitions of flaming, trolling, or personal attacks:

  • flaming – messages which are hostile or deliberately insulting
  • trolling – making comments intended to induce an angry response or disrupt the flow of discussion
  • personal attacks – derogatory, profane or offensive messages directed toward a specific individual.

We also reserve the right to add to this list if the need arises. As the Moderator of the site, we take full responsibility for these actions and decisions.

Thanks for reading and contributing.