Scorpion Sizzle – November 30, 2018

Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra

Today our Grade 7s and 8s went off to see an incredible performance. They had the opportunity to share in a Concert done just for students, where brass powerhouse Jens Lindemann performed for the audience! Jens is the first classical trumpet player to receive the prestigious Order of Canada award. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity for our students!


Officer Spivak

Officer Spivak came to speak to various classes throughout the school. She spoke to the students about thinking before reacting or participating in a conversation on cell phones. Officer Spivak spoke to students about taking a pause before writing anything. She reminded the students of all the safe adults they can go to for assistance in any different situations.

Officer Spivak will be returning in December to meet with the remainder of our classes and students.


Ladies & Gentlemen – Boys & Girls

This week we brought in an amazing performance, with some of the activity fees that you paid at the beginning of the year. The Roseneath Theatre came in and put on the play Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, for all of our Grade 6 & 7 students. There will be a different performance coming for the Grade 8s in the new year.

This performance reminded us how to be a friend to those who are struggling with their own identity. Children will be continuing these conversations in their classrooms with their teachers.


Here is a link to the performance trailer:

Activity Day

As you all know today our Activity Day announcement went live! Please see the e-mail from School Cash Online that went out this morning.

Students will be bringing home Activity Day packages at the end of school day today.

Our hope is that each student participates in this amazing event. In the Activity Day package you will see that we are offering this amazing opportunity for 2 days in the winter of 2019.

Remember to ask your child for the package, when they walk in the door this afternoon!

Quebec City

Thank you to the many families who came out to learn about the Quebec City Graduation Excursion, for our Grade 8s. It was wonderful to see so many children with their parents, hearing the same information at the same time.

Each Grade 8 student has received a package with all of the information needed to book the excursion.

We have great news! We have added the ability to sign up via School Cash Online! All dates, and the payment plan are noted on that site.

Please note if you are opting into the Insurance offered by Edu Travel – that fee must be paid separately by cheque (made out to EduTravel Inc.) and submitted by December 12th, 2018.

Dates on the Horizon

December 5 – Music Night – 6:30 pm

December 7 – PA Day – no school for students

December 12 – Pizza Lunch

December 18 – Bake Sale by Grade 6s (proceeds go to Plan Canada)

December 20 – Locker Cleanout

December 21 – Last Day of School for 2018

January 7 – First day back at school for 2019

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