Scorpion Sizzle – October 26, 2018

Fall Fun

We had such a blast today! A sea of orange and black was seen in the school as we danced and played the afternoon away! The energy was fantastic and we had a great time bringing in Fall!

A huge thank you to our Student Council for planning the afternoon and a massive thank you to our School Council for mobilizing so quickly to hold a wonderful bake sale!

Grade 7 & 8 Soccer Season

Students need to get organized for school in September, get there sleeping habits back on track and figure out their school schedule…

And some Grade 7 and 8 students also challenge themselves and try out and make the school soccer team.

Both the Girls and Boys Grade 7/8 team have been practicing since the second week of September and now almost 2 months later they are enjoying the benefits of their experience.


Many new faces were on this team from last year. These boys showed dedication and team work throughout team practices. These efforts showed during their tournament hosted by Windfield’s Middle School.

No one likes the rain……. But our students!!!!!! It rained on our team all day! The St. Andrew’s team kept a positive attitude and enjoyed running and stretching and for some reading in the rain. With their yellow rain gear on we were easy to spot when we were not playing. As other teams hid for cover, our team danced in the rain!

During the games we played as a team. We rooted each other on no matter what the score and because of that we had a great experience.  That is what school sports is all about. The experience of meeting new people, challenging yourself and creating memories that put a smile on your face after drying out from the rain. Well done team for your efforts and tremendous attitude.


From the first practice everyone knew this team was special. The girls were dedicated and driven to win the first tournament. Everyone showed up on time, all the time. They did the expected drills without being asked and worked at the same time, having a blast with their teammates.

At the tournament, the first game was against our neighbouring rival, Windfield’s.  It was a tight game but in the end the girls came out on top due to their team play. After that game nothing was going to stop these girls from reaching the Conference Finals. They took the next two games and looked forward to playing Glenview.

Unfortunately, Glenview took us out in the Conference final. The score was not indicative on how the team played. If the game was won on effort and grit our team would be champions!!! .

The girls’ team set a goal for themselves in September. They reached it and then some. They have a cheer they created, new names for themselves, and even created their very own therapy group!!!!!

What a success!!……. Oh and they came second in the Conference but in the end that was not as much fun as the rest of it!

Mr. Johnson

Halloween Fun

Halloween costumes can be worn on October 31st. Please remember, masks, weapons, light sabres and inappropriate costumes, for school, are not permitted.

Grade 6 Soccer

In our inagural year, our Grade 6 Boys and Girls Soccer teams hit the ground running, Literally. We started running drills the moment we announced we were going to be playing soccer this year, and all teams practiced hard at least several times during a week leading up to our tournaments.

The boys team boasted 16 players, the girls were a smaller, but mighty group with but 11.

Both teams played in respective round robin matches.

The boys played with heart and vigour. Despite a heartbreaking loss in our first game, in their second game, they came up from a 3 goal deficit to dramatically tie the game with just second left on the clock. Sadly, our efforts came up a bit short to move past the tournament. Just the same, being the first ever boys grade 6 soccer team at St. Andrew’s  – they boys have firmly entrenched their place in the history books!

As for the girls and their tournament, played right here at St. Andrew’s, despite being woefully outnumbered, they had won back to decisive victories in both of their round robin games, winning their first game 4-0, and their second 5-0. The back to back victories permitted the girls to move onto the next round, participating in a ¼ final play-off game against Winfield.

The ¼ final game was once again hosted here at St. Andrew’s, and once again our girls were woefully outnumbered. Still, despite the odds, the girls played with fierce determination and grit. Unfortunatley, grit was just not enough, and while giving it our 110%, we came up short losing, keeping the score to a respectable 2-0 loss.

While it would have been great to have made it to the semi-finals, we couldn’t be prouder of the perseverance the girls showed and the team spirit they displayed.

It was a pleasure coaching both teams this year, and the most important part – we all had a lot of fun.

In honour of their respective successes, the teams will be invited to a pizza lunch next week Tuesday, October 30th.

We look forward to next fall, and a new season. We’ll get ‘em next year, just you watch!

Steven Weisberg

Grade 6 Boys Soccer

Grade 6 Girls Soccer

Dates on the Horizon

November 5-7 – Monocliffs Trip #1 (Grade 7)

November 7-9 – Monocliffs Trip #2 (Grade 7)

November 9 – Remembrance Day Assembly

November 9 – Progress Reports Go Home

November 14 – Pizza Lunch

November 15 pm – Parent/Teacher Interview Night

November 16 am – Parent/Teacher Interview Morning

November 16 – all day – PA Day – no school for students

November 21 – Drama Showcase

November 23 – St. Andrew’s Day Assembly

November 28 – Immunization Day – Grade 7

November 30 – Grade 7 & 8 Arts’ Field Trip

December 5 – Music Night

December 7 – PA Day – no school for students

December 12 – Pizza Lunch

December 20 – Locker Cleanout

December 21 – Last Day of School for 2018

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