Grad Photos Tomorrow

Tomorrow, February 15th, the photographers will be here to take an individual photo for each of our grade 8 and grade 9 graduating students.  Information with the date, instructions, and an envelope for those who wish to purchase the ‘Graduating Class Group Composite’ (an 11′ x 14′ photo with all students in your child’s grade placed in a nice vinyl folder).  The cost of this large composite is $25.00 and is to be paid before the photo is taken.  (Envelopes can be dropped off in the office or brought to the cafeteria when you child is called down for their photo.)

Students are asked to wear a white collared shirt.  If they do not own one, the photographer supplies a few that can be borrowed for the time of the photo.  They will be wearing the traditional graduation robe, and the picture will be taken from the waist up, and therefore it doesn’t matter what else your child is wearing.  (The wearing of a tie is optional.)


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