Immunizations Tomorrow

Another friendly reminder to parents of grade 7 students that the first immunization day is Monday, December 18th.  Students are to make sure that they eat breakfast and that they wear clothing that allows ease of accessibility for Public Health.

If a student is absent, Public Health provides the school with a sheet to give to those students which usually provides clinic dates and locations where you can go to get the shot.  Otherwise, these students will be tracked by Public Health and they will make sure they get their first dose when Public Health comes back to the school in the spring.

A second date has not yet been scheduled by Public Health.  We will inform the community as soon as we are provided with one.  In general, the second immunization date is usually sometime the end of May or beginning of June.

2 thoughts on “Immunizations Tomorrow

  1. I’m wondering if the children are receiving all three types of vaccinations tomorrow. MenC and Hep A/B and HPV. Are they all given on the same day? Or multiple visits from Public health. I know there is more than one dose for the HEp a/b and HPV. JUst wondering if they are getting more than one needle at a time. Thanks Marni

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    • Yes, the students do receive two needles at the same time (today). The second visit, in late spring, is for the second dose that is required for at least one of the vaccinations. Any further questions should be posed directly with Public Health.

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