Kids to Work: Assignment link

As a reminder, all grade 9s need to complete the brief assignment reflecting on the information and experience they had on today’s Take Our Kids To Work day. On Tuesday, students received a paper copy of the questions and the link to the assignment site.

Assignment is to be submitted online by filling out this form:

For reference, the items students will need to answer are included below.

3-2-1 Exit

  • 3 reasons why it is important to stay in school and get a high school diploma.
  • 2 similarities (things that are the same) between the classroom and the workplace you visited.
  • 1 positive attribute that employers are looking for when hiring a student.


  • How much did you learn from Take Our Kids to Work Day?
  • Did you enjoy Take Our Kids to Work day?
  • The workplace gave me really good information about career options.
  • I want to learn more about this career.
  • What would the “ideal” Take Our Kids to Work day look like? What activities would be part of the day? What were some of the highlights from your work experience? (can be point form)

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