Peer Tutoring 2017: looking for tutors and clients

The Peer Tutoring program pairs students with stronger students to work on a particular subject area. Tutoring pairs meet weekly (either before school, at lunch or after school) and can work on class material and concepts, homework and projects, or studying ahead for future assessments. Both clients and tutors can be from any grade level.

Tutoring matches are limited by the number of tutors/clients who sign up, and also available spaces/supervision. Given adequate resources, students can receive tutoring in up to two subject areas; this may be less if matches cannot be made for particular time/subject combinations.

If your child needs support in a core subject (English, French, Math, Science, Social Studies/Geography), please print and complete the client package (PDF), and have them return it to the main office.

If your child could help other students with a particular subject(s), please have them fill out and return a tutor package (PDF).

Note that grade 9 students earn community involvement hours as tutors, while grade 7 and 8 students would receive Scorpion Points (school participation points) for their tutoring contribution.

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