Info session updates (and blog fixed)

Our blog link is fixed, huzzah! You can access the blog via our normal URL,

MaCS – WL Mackenzie

The MaCS program representative will be speaking to interested students tomorrow during lunch. Students who have already signed up will receive a “guest pass” in the morning to attend this lunch session. If your child has not yet signed up but is interested in learning more about this specialized program at WL Mackenzie CI, please have them see me to get registered.

Rosedale Heights School of the Arts – tour

This is the last call for students to sign up for the daytime tour of Rosedale Heights, taking place on the afternoon of November 17th. Please contact me or have your child sign up before noon tomorrow, as I need to confirm our tour numbers with Rosedale.

Excursion forms for this tour will be sent home on Friday.

Secondary School Info

My summary of the After-8 night (list of resources etc) is in a PDF on this blog post:

The updated list of all TDSB secondary info nights is on the TDSB website at:



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