Important reminders

Please reinforce the following expectations regarding the use of PED’s and safeguarding personal belongings.

  • PED’s (as per May 12 Newsletter): Are to be used only during the break and at lunch, and are to be powered off and out of sight during instructional periods and between classes. If a PED’s is confiscated by a staff member the following progressive discipline is provided;
  • First time in a month: Kept in the Office until the end of the day
  • Second time in the same month: Kept overnight in the Office, to be picked up the following day at 8:50 a.m.
  • Third time in the same month: A meeting with parents and the student to discuss the appropriate use of the device and next steps for discipline
  • Safeguarding personal belongings – Please ensure that all lockers contain a lock, are closed and that locks are checked to see they are completely locked. We highly recommend not sharing lock combinations with friends and suggest changing locks every few months. Students have also been advised to minimize the number of valuables they bring to school and to keep them in their lockers. Students are also advised to avoid leaving valuables unattended in the Gym change rooms, cafeteria or other areas in the school or outside.

Thank you for supporting our school ‘Code of Conduct’ and reinforcing the responsible safeguarding of student personal belongings.

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