Career Day presenters still needed

We are still in need of some presenters for our Career Day on May 26th from 9-10:40 a.m. We have extended the deadline to this Thursday, May 19th to finalize presenters. This has been immensely popular and informative for our students as well as developing school pride and community spirit. We need a minimum of 4 additional presenters or the event will not be feasible this year.

We need any of the following occupations/careers;

  • Health sciences and promotion field
  • Skilled trades (construction, landscaping, chef)
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment/Broadcasting/Radio/Movie or tv business
  • IT/Software/Website design

Please contact the Office if you are interested and we can provide further information. Thank you for your support.


One thought on “Career Day presenters still needed

  1. I can help I have worked in entertainment (Disney for 9 years) and now started my own business I can share how entertainment brands translate into consumer products Let me know if that helps Thanks Karen

    Karen Gagnon 647-588-5512


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