Career Day presenters needed

We are trying to finalize our Career Day presenters for Thursday, May 26. Below is a summary if you are considering volunteering your time and expertise.

  • 9:05-10:40 a.m. in our Cafeteria and Gym
  • Two rotations of 40 minutes, with 140-150 students in each rotation (only grade 8 and 9 students)
  • Presenters will be provided with a table and an outlet if needed for any audiovisual displays. Presenters often bring brochures or flyers to distribute.
  • Students are responsible for recording responses to questions designed by the school. We will circulate a copy of the questions to presenters prior to May 26h.
  • Examples of presenter categories needed;  Health sciences, Engineering, Skilled Trades (brick laying, electrical, plumbing, chef, landscaper, etc.), Broadcasting, Software or website design, Financial Services, Real Estate – These are just a few of the categories we would like to fill.

If you have any questions please contact the Main Office or Mr. Howlett directly.

One thought on “Career Day presenters needed

  1. Careers to be represented include:

    Police Services
    Fire Services
    Massage Therapy
    Transportation Tech.
    Health Care
    Real Estate
    Website design

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