Tips for choosing grade 9 courses

Please see the information below for current grade 8 students to assist in the course selection for grade 9.

Courses for Grade 9

Students can take a mix of course types according to their strengths. High schools have indicated that students achieving level 2 or below are usually more successful when taking the Applied type courses.


Students take the following courses in grade 9:

  1. English, Math, Science, French, and Geography (choice of Applied, Academic, Locally Developed)
    1. Information on Course Types:
  2. Phys Ed & Health
  3. Two additional credits from elective courses:
    1. At St. Andrew’s, elective choices are
      • ADA – Drama
      • AMI/AMS – Music (continuing either band or strings)
      • AVI – Visual Art
      • BTT – Info & Tech in Business
      • GLS/GLE – Learning Strategies
      • HFN – Family Studies
      • TIJ – Design & Technology
    2. For other schools, please search for the specific school then check the Course Chart (


Students MUST take at least one high school Arts credit, though it can be in grade 9 OR grade 10.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements can be found online at


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