Grade 8 and 9 Course Selection information

Grade 8s are having MyBlueprint training this week. MyBlueprint is the software being used for course selection, pathways planning, and  Students who miss their training sessions MUST speak to Ms. Wong to join a training session.


Students and families will need to:


  • PLAN course choices using MyBlueprint; students are encouraged to create a course plan for each school they are considering.
  • EVALUATE/DECIDE which school to attend.
  • NOTIFY Ms. Wong at latest by Feb 12 of the selected school. (I will provide paper course selection sheets if applicable.)
    • Any families who are waiting on optional attendance offers should hear from the other schools by Feb. 12th
  • SUBMIT ONE (1) course selection to Ms. Wong by Feb 25. The course selection is your acceptance of placement at that school for the following year.
    • St. Andrew’s or York Mills CI: online submission and the printed MyBlueprint sign-off sheet (St. Andrew’s or York Mills CI)
    • All other schools: paper course selection sheet





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