Outstanding Activity Day forms

Despite daily PA reminders, BLOG posts and encouragement from our staff there are 100 students who have not brought back their permission forms for our Activity Days on January 28 and February 4th. This is disappointing as this long time tradition has always been well received and a great deal of staff effort has been involved in organizing the 12 activities.

Please note that no alternative activities will be offered at school on these days as most of our activities are off-site and we must maintain the appropriate ratio of staff to students for safety. Therefore families must arrange for their child to be supervised away from school on these dates if they are not participating in any of the 12 activities as of this Friday.

The following activities are full (based on first come, first returned forms/deposit)

#2 – Bump, Set, Fore

#3 – Spoke ‘n motion

#4 – Gym, Gym, Gym

#5 – Math, Math and more Math

#10- Fun Stuff

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