Summer School opportunities

Multiple summer opportunities are available via the TDSB. Please note the following restrictions:

  • for most Secondary credits, students CANNOT reach ahead and take courses for their upcoming grade.
  • Students CANNOT take an e-Summer School course while enrolled in a face-to-face summer course (due to time demands)
  • List of all TDSB summer programs:…/SummerPrograms.aspx


Elementary (6-8) Summer School –…/ElementarySummerSchool.aspx

Elementary summer programs are tailored to increase engagement and build self-confidence in our students. These locally driven programs support students to build literacy and numeracy skills through a creative curriculum that can include elements of technology, physical fitness, art, music and drama. The following schools offer summer programs close to St. Andrew’s:

Cummer Valley MS STEM, Literacy & Math, ESL
Willowdale MS STEM, Literacy, Math, ESL, French, Character Education
Woodbine JHS Literacy, Numeracy through Family Studies, Science and Design and Technology, Physical Education

If you are interested in enrolling in one of these programs (or the others listed on the TDSB site), please contact Guidance for a registration form. Registration needs to be completed before the end of April.


Secondary Summer School –…/NightSchoolandSummerSchool.aspx

Grade 9 students who have a final mark between 35-49 in a compulsory class can take the remedial course via TDSB summer school. A maximum of two remedial courses can be taken. Courses run from July 6-31, 2015, in morning or afternoon sessions.

Students with credits at risk are encouraged to pre-register in order to guarantee a spot is available. Full information will be posted online the week of April 13. Online registration opens May 4, 2015.


Secondary e-Summer School –

Students completing grade 9 this June can take the grade 10 Civics and Careers courses (two half-credit courses) over e-Learning. No other grade 9 or 10 credits are available via eLearning.

Sessions run from June 29 to July 27, or July 28 to August 25. Online registration is currently open, and will close June 19, 2015. Note that a student who enrolls in regular Summer school will be removed from e-Summer School courses.

Civics and Careers travel credit –

Through partnership with EduTravel, TDSB students are able to travel through Ottawa, Montreal and New York City while earning their Civics and Careers credits. There are in-class days in Toronto before and after the trip (spanning from July 6-21). Basic cost is $1500 (Visa students may have an additional fee), with $750 deposit required at registration. Deadline for full payment and registration: Monday, May 25, 2015.

Note that there is documentation needed from the school, so if you plan to register, please notify St. Andrew’s in advance.


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