Pizza lunch clarification

We greatly appreciate the outstanding participation in our Pizza lunch fundraiser. Our expectation is that during these dates students eat their pizza in the cafeteria and then are dismissed with the other students to go outside at the usual interval (usually about 20-25 minutes).

A number of students have indicated to us that they also have money to go and buy their lunch off property (in addition to their pizza). Unfortunately we have found that many students either drop their garbage on Fenn Ave and/or come back late to school because of the time it takes to get their pizza and travel/eat at Bayview and York Mills. Therefore we are asking parents and guardians to encourage their children who are involved in pizza lunch to purchase items from our cafeteria or bring additional food from home if they are still hungry, and remain in our supervised cafeteria during these particular lunches (8 times throughout the year).

We appreciate your support in maintaining the cleanliness of our neighbourhood and ensuring students are punctual for their afternoon classes.

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