Tours for in-area students

The following schools are offering daytime tours for students who live in-district:

  • Lawrence Park CI – afternoon of Wednesday, January 14
  • Northern SS (via regular or technological program) – afternoon of Thursday, January 15

Students who are interested in attending must:

  1. live in-district for the particular school;
  2. sign up with Guidance (via comment/email, or on the sign-up list in school) by morning break of FRIDAY, JANUARY 9;
  3. obtain, complete and return a signed parent/guardian permission form to Guidance;
  4. be responsible for transportation – either provide their own TTC tickets or make other arrangements.
  5. NOTE: students will be expected to return back to St. Andrew’s unless parents/guardians provide a note allowing the student to leave for home directly following the tour.

Students and parents/guardians who live out of district for a school are welcome to attend the Information Sessions that take place in the evening of the tour days.

2 thoughts on “Tours for in-area students

  1. Good evening,

    Will the students in the Gifted Program be attending on the tour for Norther on the 15th as well?

    Do they need to sign up with Guidance as well?

    Thank you

    Jeannine Rothblott >

    • Students who are IN-AREA can attend, whether in regular or gifted program.

      Students who do NOT live in area but are offered a gifted placement at Northern will have a tour later on, after the placement process is complete.

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