French exchange programs

Canadian students are eligible to host a student from another country and return to that country for study/travel. These French language exchange opportunities are organized through external organizations. These opportunities have been announced via our French teachers, and we would like the greater St. Andrew’s population to know of them as well!

Please read below, and click the thumbnail images below for more information.


1. International Student Exchange (ISE) offers many exchange opportunities: during the school year, two-month and three-month exchanges, and also 3-4 week summer exchange programs. Countries include France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, depending on age/program.

An ISE info meeting for parents and students will take place on:
Tuesday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m. at
Glenview Senior Public School
, 401 Rosewell Ave

Contact: / / tel: 705-722-9440


2. Canadian Education Exchange Foundation (CEEF) offers secondary 2-3 month reciprocal exchanges in both summer (July/August) and Winter (August/November – February/May), as well as elementary 1-2 month exchange programs. Countries include France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and Germany, depending on age/program.

Contact: / / tel: 705-739-7596

  CEEFposterfront CEEFposterback

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