SAJH helps the Philippines

While Typhoon Haiyan has left the media spotlight, its effects are still being felt across the Philippines and needs are great. The St. Andrew’s community has responded with care, donating $100 and over 7 bags of clothing, that will be taken directly to people in the heavily-affected region around Tacloban.

Donations are still welcome, especially toiletry items and monetary donations. Items can be dropped off with Ms. Wong.

Article in the Toronto Star:  After completing a trip to the devastated areas in the Philippines, Minister of International Development Christian Paradis said that Canada is extending the period of matching individual donations to December 23, 2013. He is urging Canadians to keep contributing to the aid effort for the stricken island nation and says the federal government will continue to match donations dollar-for-dollar. Paradis said the scale of the disaster is hard to take in. “It’s nearly impossible to comprehend and describe,” he said in a teleconference. “International humanitarian assistance is making a significant difference.”

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